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Atelier Reginà was founded in 1971, initially with the name of Pelletteria Di Emme, with a single goal: to establish itself as a high quality leather goods in the Florence area.

We are a small, entirely family-run leather goods company, our passion for excellence has always inspired us, and continues to do so today. Being able to offer the best to our customers and build lasting relationships with them is a source of great pride for us. After all these past years we can define ourselves as satisfied with what we have managed to create.

To date we have moved our headquarters to Montemignaio, a small town in the Casentino valley with a few hundred inhabitants and the birthplace of one of the two founding partners.

pelle Crafting
Strumenti lavorazione della pelle


Atelier Reginà lands online with the aim of offering high quality in-store products to a wider audience that we would otherwise never be able to reach.

We know that every item is important and we are committed to making it special and leaving our customers enthusiastic and satisfied.

Try our products: you will notice the difference!

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