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Atelier Reginà cares a lot about the quality of its products, only first choice materials are selected and used. In fact, all our items are produced with real full-grain leather with vegetable tanning. This material turns out to be the most natural in its category and is unrivaled in terms of quality

Artigiano che lavora pelle, cuoio. Azienda Pelletteria
Materiali artigianali


The designs that you can admire on our breviary covers and bible covers are made entirely by hand, without the aid of printing machinery, in order to guarantee you an absolutely unique handcrafted article!

As you may have guessed, this peculiarity means that, sometimes, the design may present some small differences compared to what you see in the catalogue.


Once the pieces have been obtained from the leather, the panel drawn and the accessories prepared, the stitching of the product is done by machine to ensure maximum precision and quality.

Even the zip closure and the button are selected not to be below the quality standard of the rest of the product and to guarantee you durability over time.

Finally, after a final check, the product is packaged with meticulous attention and is ready for delivery.

laboratorio di pelle
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